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About me

Maarten Ornstein plays tenor saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet. On occasion he plays tarogato, electric saxophone, MPC and laptop computers. He is also a composer and arranger. He leads the free funk ensemble DASH! and performs as a soloist.  Additionally, he plays with performance poet and singer Jeannine Valeriano, and is a member of Splendor Amsterdam.

Maarten Ornstein has composed for the Calefax Reed Quintet, the North Sea Jazz Festival, Ties Mellema, Koor Nieuwe Muziek Amsterdam, Xenia Meijer, the Metropole Orchestra, New Cool Collective Big Band, Orkater Theatre Company, Anouk van Dijk DC, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Helena Rasker, the Ricciotti Ensemble etc etc, he was co-leader of the modern jazz trio Jungle Boldie (with Tony Overwater and Wim Kegel) and has played with the likes of Pat Metheny, The Ebony Band, Sunna Gunnlaugs, Caoimhin O Raghallaigh, Ilse de Lange, Ayman Tayseer, David Liebman, Arturas Bumsteinas, Claron McFadden, Red Mitchell, Rima Kcheich, the Schoenberg Ensemble etc etc.


News and stuff

  • Duo Duo Duo Duo

    May 8th and 9th the Maarten Ornstein-Sunna Gunnlaugs duo will be reunited in Amsterdam for a recording and two concerts. On May 8th we'll play and tryout some new material in De Kring, and then on May 9th in Splendor Amsterdam. Do stop by if you're around, we have new music, and the DASH! guys will be there too to play. It's the first and probably only time DASH! will play with a pianist, but then Sunna is not just any pianist. Tickets are available here.


  • test

    This is a test message to see if all is well..............smiley

  • New site

    Yes, a shiny new website. Almost done. This will be the home for all things I do, including DASH!. The website will eventually re-direct here, as it's too much work to maintain both sites, agenda's and stuff like that. And it's my band anyway so better talk about it here. This newsblog will be filled with new pictures, music, videos and what have you. I will update here as much as I can, but for day-to-day stuff I guess it's best to check my facebook or twitter profiles. Enjoy the music and all the info about the projects!